The Importance of a Good Grip

I would say that the grip is the arguably the most important fundamental to get right in the golf swing. The reason is because it is the only physical connection you have to the golf club, and furthermore, it will have the greatest effect on your club face. Given that the club face is what hits the golf ball, it’s rather important. A fundamentally sound grip will also give you the most control of the club, affecting your ability to not only control the club face, but to also guide or direct the club, to feel the weight of the club, and affect your overall swing mechanics.

From the 2023 Players Championship at TPC Sawgrass, notice how world #1 Scottie Scheffler presets his golf grip in between each shot during his practice session as part of his pre-shot routine. It’s the same as if he would be setting his grip before a golf shot in the tournament because he understands how fundamentally important it is to have the right grip.

I believe the best teachers of the game start by establishing a good grip for their students. There really is no point in teaching the golf swing or changing swing mechanics if the grip is not right to begin with. If you come across a golf instructor that ignores your grip, then you may want to consider finding a different instructor.

Jack Nicklaus said, “If you have the proper grip and the proper set up, then you can be taught.”

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