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The Easy, Effortless Golf Swing

Have you ever noticed how professional athletes make what they do look so easy and effortless? Aaron Rodgers, Ken Griffey Jr., Luka Doncic, to name a few… The reason skilled professionals (and this goes beyond athletes) make their craft look so easy is because they put a ton of hard work into making it look that easy. So, in actuality, it’s not effortless or easy at all!

In golf, to produce a “seemingly”, effortlessly powerful swing, many things must be done exceptionally well. However, I believe and teach that three things are mandatory:

  1. The proper grip
  2. No tension
  3. Use of natural forces such as gravity and momentum

You’ll be blown away by how much simpler the golf swing can be if you first properly learn some basic fundamentals, as well as a few key concepts. I assure you that if you do, the golf swing will become more natural, and you can begin to experience a more effortless, yet powerful swing. I call it, “The Easy Swing!”

For more on key golf fundamentals or to begin your journey to better golf, contact Will McIntosh at will@mcintosh.golf or follow him on Instagram @willcmcintosh.  The first step to a better golf game starts with a conversation. Simply fill out the contact form or call or text at 267-314-1465.

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