Positively Impact Your Life Through Better Golf

Full Swing Lessons

We will work on a specific aspect of your game that’s troubling you or I can take you through my proven approach.  With new clients, we typically start with a full swing assessment, or we can start with something you have already identified.     

Using my background in Kinesiology and as a TPI Level 2 Certified Instructor, I will identify your key swing characteristics and the root cause of your misses.  I’ll use slow-motion video analysis to see what is actually happening and work with you to understand your “feels”.  Then I’ll explain my assessment to you in simple terms and prioritize key drills, concepts, etc. to get you on a solid path to improvement.  My goal is not only to instruct you on what to do, but to help you understand the golf swing and how you can improve.  You’ll receive videos and key points from your lesson so that you can practice in between lessons and come more prepared for the next one.

Adult Private (1:1) or Semi-Private (2:1) Lesson 1 hr. / 40 min.
Junior Private (1:1) or Semi-Private (2:1) Lesson 1 hr. / 40 min. / 30 min

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Please note:  Discount packages are available.  Rental clubs are available at no extra cost.

Short Game & Putting Lessons

The short game and putting are arguably the most under-appreciated skill areas of beginner and intermediate golfers, despite it providing the greatest opportunity to improve your overall score.   Lessons will generally be held at the practice green area which consists of a large putting green, an approach area, a bunker (sand trap),  and various slopes and cuts of grass to practice from.  I will incorporate various teaching and training aids to accelerate your learning and development.  Putting lessons may also include PING Tour putting technology to assess your putting stroke using advanced, yet simple to use technology.  Lessons will generally take place on the practice green and possibly on the golf course. 

Adult Private (1:1) or Semi-Private (2:1) 1 hr. / 40 min.
Junior Private (1:1) or Semi-Private (2:1) 1 hr. / 40 min. / 30 min

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Please note:  Discount packages are available.  Rental clubs are available at no extra cost.  

Discounted Lesson Packages

Discounted lesson packages are designed for golfers who know that one lesson is not going to be the answer to long-term success.  Committing to a series of lessons allows us to first identify the areas of your game that need the most work, and then prioritize what to work on and in what order with a developmental approach in mind.  When teaching a series of lessons my approach is more developmental vs. working with a client whose objective is to get off the tee the next morning for a company outing or golf trip the next day.  In those instances, we are more tactical vs. developmental.  However, in either case, we will use my knowledge and expertise to deliver as much impact and value to you in the allotted time based upon your personalized goals.  

By committing to a series of lessons, you’ll also receive a discount off the standard rate and priority on scheduling.

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Discounted Lesson Package Details

Discounted lesson packages are available for both private (1:1) and semi-private (2:1) sessions.   Package pricing varies for juniors and adults. 

Package clients receive priority on scheduling which is an especially great benefit during the busy season.  Packages are generally valid until Dec. and in some cases are valid through March of the following season depending on when the package was booked during the year.  Please provide at least 24 hours advance notice of a cancellation to avoid a same day cancellation charge / no-show fee.  

ADULTS – Private (1:1) or Semi-Private (2:1) Discounted Packages

Blocks of hour long or 45 min. lessons 

JUNIORS – Private Discounted Lesson Packages

Blocks of hour long, 40 min., or 30 min. lessons

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Customized Golf Clinics

For Friends, Family, Clubs, and Co-workers

Gather your friends, neighbors, family members, or members of your social clubs and office teams to set up your own customized group clinic!   Group clinics are great for corporate events.

You can draft your custom clinic’s agenda with me and receive customized pricing to work within your budget.  The duration usually ranges between one hour up to four hours.  Example agenda/topics include, but are not limited to, an introduction to golf,  full swing fundamentals, chipping and putting, as well as basic rules, safety, playing tips, and etiquette. 

Adults / Beginners / Ladies / Short Game Golf Clinics

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Pre-Scheduled Golf Clinics

Pre-Scheduled Group clinics are periodically available throughout the season.  They may take place at the golf course, driving range, or at a climate-controlled, indoor facility during the off-season where we may take advantage of TrackMan or other golf simulator technology.  The duration usually ranges between one to two hours.  Group clinics are a great way to meet other golfers and make new friends  while learning more about the game.

 Adults / Beginner / Ladies / Short Game Golf Clinics 

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"Get onto the Course"

“Get onto the Course” is a five (5) session player development plan intended to give a total beginner with zero experience the basic tools and know-how to get onto the golf course after five sessions.

This player development plan covers key basics like equipment, a proper grip, swing fundamentals, and will be capped off by actually getting onto the golf course and learning things like procedures, etiquette, and terminology while having fun on the course.

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Short Game Fundamentals

The “Short Game Fundamentals” plan is a (7) seven session plan intended to elevate the golfer’s skills and knowledge on and around the green, ranging from putting, chipping, bunker play to various approach shots.  The short game is arguably the most under-appreciated and under-developed skill area of beginner and intermediate golfers, despite it providing the greatest opportunity to improve your overall score.

This player development plan will cover different shot types, situations, and lies.  You’ll learn how to play shots with different trajectories and spin, and make better decisions around the green.   The focus will not only be on mechanics and technique, but key concepts, shot selection, and green reading. 

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Live Online Video Consultations
from anywhere in the world


  • Active dialogue on your key swing flaws and tendencies based on video analysis
  • Live demonstration of motions and positions via Zoom or FaceTime
  • Explanation of key concepts using teaching aids and/or analogies
  • Direct question and answer with the Instructor to enhance your understanding
  • Personalized instruction & drills for you to practice between sessions
  • Real time feedback on your swing during the session
  • Text communication with Instructor in between consultations