Positively Impact Your Life Through Better Golf

Private Lessons

In our time together, we’ll work on a specific aspect of your game that’s troubling you or I’ll take you through my proven approach.  We’ll discuss what you think is causing your misses and your typical ball flight, as well as address your questions.  I’ll observe a sample of swings or shots and use slow-motion analysis to help you see what is happening.  My goal is not only to instruct you on what to do, but to help you understand the golf swing.  To increase the pace of your development, you’ll receive videos and key points from your lesson after we finish so that you can practice in between lessons and come more prepared for the next one.

Private Lesson Details

Private lessons are 55 minutes in duration and may be indoors or outdoors.

Adult Private Lesson 55 min
Junior Private Lesson 55 min

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Please Note:  Junior age range is 8-17 years old.  Juniors younger than 8 must be pre-approved by Instructor.

Playing Lesson Details

Greens and other course fees are not included. Playing lessons are to be coordinated with the Instructor for playing dates, times and locations.

6, 9 or 18 Hole Playing Lessons

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On-Course Playing Lessons

With playing lessons, you’ll learn to “play golf,” not simply swing a golf club. Whether you’re a recreational player or competitive player, on-course playing lessons are invaluable to lower your score. I’ll teach you how to assess a golf hole based upon your skill level and shot tendencies. You’ll encounter new situations, such as tough lies and angles, that will accelerate your learning. The mental and emotional aspect of the game, as well as “routines” and “adjustments” will also be addressed.  When we’re done, we’ll debrief and I’ll show you ways to measure your progress.  If you really want to learn to play golf, you have to get out there and play.  Beginners especially need to learn about course etiquette, rules of golf, and course management.

Discounted Lesson Packages

Lesson packages are designed for golfers who know that one lesson is not going to be the answer to long-term success.  Committing to a series of lessons allows us to first identify the areas of your game that need the most work and prioritize what to work on and in what order.  In each lesson together, we’ll use my proven approach to make the most impact to your development.  By committing to a package of lessons, you can also receive a discount off the standard rate.

Discounted Package Lessons Details

All payment is taken at time of first lesson and require a deposit prior to the first lesson. Unused lessons expire 6 months after the first lesson.  No-shows will result in loss of the lesson. Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior to start of the lesson.

3 Hour Lesson Package / 5 Hour Lesson Package

3 Hour Lesson Package / 5 Hour Lesson Package

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Long-Term Coaching Details

Payment is taken at time of the first lesson. If you wish to purchase a particular package, please sign up for a single lesson and then let the Instructor know which package you’d like to purchase at time of lesson.  All cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior to start of lesson.

Starts at twelve (12) one-hour lessons

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Long-Term Coaching / Player Development

Long-term coaching/player development plans are perfect for players who want to make a longer commitment to elevate their game to a new level of skill, confidence, and ability. These customized coaching plans usually incorporate a variety of drill practice, key concept learning, on-course playing lessons, and competitive games.  They can be developed for players of any ability ranging from a beginner wanting to get on the course for the first time to an advanced player trying to reach his/her greater potential in competition.  While player development programs often start at the beginning of the golf season or the beginning of the off-season, they may commence at any time.

Long-term player development packages start at a minimum of 12 lessons and may continue indefinitely.

Virtual Online Lessons
from anywhere in the world


  • Active dialogue on your key swing flaws and tendencies based on video analysis
  • Live demonstration of motions and positions via Zoom
  • Explanation of key concepts using training aids and/or analogies
  • Direct question and answer with the Instructor to enhance your understanding
  • Personalized instruction & drills to practice in between sessions
  • Real time feedback on your swing during the session
  • Text communication with Instructor in between lessons