200 yard 7-iron!

It’s a different feeling when you hit a 200 yard carry 7-iron!   The truth is, in golf you don’t have to be the biggest or the strongest to hit with distance consistently.  What you do need are the right mechanics coupled with the right concepts of how the golf swing works.

Here I’m hitting a few 7 irons, working on an adjustment to my backswing to gain more depth and get more onto the swing plane.  By doing so in the backswing, my forward swing has become easier for me to shallow and deliver the club on an in-to-out swing path without manipulating my body, arms, or the club.

If you want to experience this feeling too, then let me introduce you to the Easy Swing.  I call it “Easy” not because it’s slow or weak, but rather the contrary — when done correctly, it will deliver effortless power in a way that you will feel confident to be able to repeat it consistently.

And, the results are quite satisfying — 7 iron Club Speed: 89-92 mph; Carry Distance:  188 – 200 yards;  Launch Angle:  17-18 degrees. 

For more on key golf fundamentals or to begin your journey to better golf, contact Will McIntosh at will@mcintosh.golf or follow him on Instagram @willcmcintosh.  The first step to a better golf game starts with a conversation.  Simply fill out the contact form or give us a call or text at 267-314-1465.


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